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Styled To Perfection: Salon Designers Unleashing Precision Tools and Brushes for Hair Care In Pakistan


Grooming oneself is one of the most important things in this modern world. People nowadays are aware of the importance of self-grooming. So, for this purpose, the demand for beauty salons has increased significantly, and therefore, businesses have also risen in this field. However, you cannot trust every other salon, hairdresser, or beautician for your beauty treatments.

You must be very careful while selecting the salon, tools, or the person your hire for your aesthetic procedure.

Salon Designers is one of the most reliable places in Pakistan concerning your beauty products.

If you have a salon business then it is an ideal place for you to get all your salon accessories. Moreover, if as an individual it is your hobby to collect different hair accessories visit Salon Designers online for the latest products.

In this article, we will discuss several products including barber scissors Pakistan for you to have a better understanding of salon products.


What Is The Importance Of Hair Cutting Scissors Pakistan?


You might be thinking why salon scissors are important and why not ordinary scissors. Let me tell you that for great hair cut the scissors used must be well-maintained and of high quality. A low-quality pair of scissors can cause split ends soon after the haircut.

Moreover, the clients require to always receiving precise haircut. Even a small mistake could cause you to lose customers.

Therefore, if you wish your customers to visit you again, then you must provide them with a nice haircut which is possible only when you get nice hairdressing scissors from Salon Designers which is highly affordable.


What is a blow dry brush price in Pakistan?


You might be wondering what a blow-dry brush is. It is a round brush used to style hair. But a blow dry brush is electric and dries your hair strands when pulled through the hair.

The round hair brush price in Pakistan at Salon Designers ranges from PKR 1300-3200 which is highly affordable for everyone.

As a hairdresser, the round brushes will help you to create a voluminous hairstyle as well as help you add curves to the hair.

Furthermore, professional hair brush price in Pakistan at Salon Designers is low as compared to other local products. So, you will get quality at a low price.


What is the hair comb price in Pakistan?


A comb is used to detangle the hair. It is used at home as well as the hairdresser's salon to free your hair from tangles before styling or cutting them. However, a good quality comb breaks less hair and reduces pain while combing.

The professional comb set price in Pakistan is highly reasonable and ranges somewhere between PKR1000-5000. The price varies according to the number of pieces. The high-quality comb allows you to detangle the hair effectively without damaging the hair of your clients.

Furthermore, we have a tail comb that allows you to separate and section the hair efficiently. You can also undo the hairstyle easily using the tail of the comb. Also, the bobby pins can be removed smoothly by using a tail comb.

The tail comb price in Pakistan can be checked from our website, it is also cheap and best for your business.


What other products do we offer?


We have a variety of other hair accessories that will help you greatly in your salon business. Apart from scissors, brushes, and comb we have a hair styling sponge for you.

  • Sponge bump-up set: A sticky sponge set is used by professionals during hair styling. It adds volume to your hair and provides a natural appearance. The sticky material on its top lets the hair easily stick to it and the hairstyle stays for a long time. The sponge set price like professional salon scissors is very reasonable which makes Salon Designers an ideal place for salon accessories.
  • Training heads: We have human hair training heads for beginners to practice hair styles. Training heads are widely used at training centers to train students. These heads are highly beneficial for interested students to get a grip on hair styling. Moreover, we have scissors hair salon products as well.
  • Hair styling chair: A comfortable and a high-quality hairdressing chair us a must-have at your salon. You must never ever neglect a salon chair. It is beneficial for a hairdresser as well as the client. It keeps the head of the client in the right place so that the styling can be done efficiently. The adjustable handles allow you to adjust the back as well as the height of the chair according to your convenience. The hair cutting scissors price in Pakistan is accessible and the hair-dressing cost is also low end.


At Salon Designers, you will get the finest salon products that will help you perform your tasks effectively. From hair brushes to hairdressing chairs, we have all the products in stock for you. Visit our website now to get your hands on a variety of excellent products at affordable prices.