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Salon designers takes pride in Creating state of the art contemporary and functional salon and spa spaces in Pakistan. We have over 20 years professional expertise and hands on experience with designing and constructing salons & Spa, office spaces and beauty colleges across Pakistan. We have been serving the beauty industry for decades and are continuously in touch with all the major design trends in the industry across the world. Our design process is structured to ensure that your salons have functionality, aesthetics, luxury and architectural elements to ensure your clients gets the best of experience For your project meet our team of planning consultants, Architects and Interior Designers. We also have a branding facility, which offers corporate identity to develop your unique placement in market. Our design process starts with an assessment of your requirements, you are consulted at each step of the process. 2D and 3D visualization tools are used to ensure that you can see be- forehand what your salon will eventually look like. And then we build it for you at the agreed cost with a pre agreed timeline with proper documentation. We pride ourselves on offering full spectrum design and execution services to launch turn key projects


The first step is a meeting with you where we discuss your requirements, any special notes and ex- plain the design process. Then a visit to the site is arranged and proper measurements are made and special points are noted. Within few days we will have a layout meeting. After that we will move on to the 3Ds and have our 3rd meeting where these will be presented and things will be .finalized In case of turn-key project an agreement is signed and the work starts within few days You can see the diagram below for easy understanding.


Initial layout is designed, which is a synthesis of all of the requirements laid out on the site to achieve the most efficient use of the space. We provide you with 2 layout options which define spaces, free standing furniture and equipment placement.


With the selection of the layout the construction scheme can be developed in detail. The we proceed to 3D visualization. As till now one has seen only the layout or 2D plan which doesn’t show the walls, the floors, the lights, the colour themes, the ceiling, furniture, vases, paintings etc. all that make the design real. The modern 3D visulalisation has been developed to such an extent that almost nothing is left to your imagination and you can walk through your salon even before it is made. It is vital and critical decisions are done at this stage. The client is now 100% confident on the look of his/her salon and can easily compare with the pictures of 3Ds after the project is complete. In short no ambiguity re- mains between the designer and the client.
Detailed placement for workstations, makeup and bridal rooms, manicure and pedicure areas and facial and massage is done
This stage will show extent of tiling and details of wall treatment, fittings and finishes, details of doors and windows, floor finishes, woodwork profiles skirting, paintings, carpets, soft furnishings, window dressings. However, if the client wants exterior design as well then it will also include exter- nal finishes (paving, steps and planting beds, external lighting) entablature with architraves and stair handrail profiles etc. After its approval detailed working drawings like MEP, elevations, sections, blow up details etc. are made. In case of turn key projects BOQ is made at this stage and agreement is signed.


After 3Ds we define the scope of work to be done by our team and the total cost of the project is com- municated to the client via BOQ. Each project is unique and hence detailed working and materials are chosen
Following this we will draw up a contract and then agree details of timelines and communications pro- tocol. Formal agreement document is signed by the customer representative who will coordinate with Salon designers throughout the whole process. The timeline and schedule of the payment at each step is defined along with terms and conditions. Both the client and the company is fully responsible and bound by the agreement. As the work progresses on site, we will manage and monitor quality and compli- ance with details and specifications as provided by us.


The projects are normally completed well within time. The client can match the design elements with the BOQ and 3Ds available with him/her. One of our team members will help in the handing over process and explain all the fixtures/gadgets installed e.g. lights, etc. and give a complete tour of the works done by the company. At the handover stage it can include a full copy of as-built drawings produced by the designer and architect
These will be essential for repairs and modifications in the future. We have a good history of satisfied clients. We also like to take the feedback of our clients and one can see it in our social media news. We also love to give follow up to our clients and are always ready to help them If there is any help required or there is any complain.
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