Do you know the difference between epilation and depilation?

By Depilève

Removing unwanted body hair is part of personal hygiene; we have different ways of doing it depending on the results we are looking for at the time. If you would like to find out about both types of hair removal and the different methods that exist, don’t miss out on what follows.


Despite being the most effective option in terms of results and duration, you might not have heard much about this, since different kinds of hair removal methods are often called ‘depilation’. In this case, epilation refers to removing the hair from the root, the best way to keep it at bay for longer. The most popular methods are:

  • Waxing: results last around 3 weeks and there are different options to choose from, considering the type of hair and area to be treated. This has always been one of the most popular methods because of its good results.
  • Epilators: pull the hair out from the follicle thanks to the rotating tweezers. If you have a lot of hair this might not be the best option as it is usually quite painful.
  • Laser or pulsed light: method close to permanent hair removal that must be carried out by specialised professionals at certified centres. This involves burning the hair follicle through light pulses to prevent regrowth in the future. This is usually the most expensive option due to the optimal results.


Although regrowth can be seen in 2-3 days, this is the option chosen by many people to achieve a quick, painless result, since you only need to cut the visible part of the hair (flush with the skin). In some cases, this leads to the appearance of spots and irritation, in addition to the skin’s texture becoming rougher. The most popular options are:

  • Shavers and razor blades: the most recurring method due to being easy to use and convenient, since you can take them almost anywhere.
  • Depilatory creams: a somewhat more tedious, but also effective option.
  • Buff sponges: remove hair through friction in contact with the skin, although not as effective in some areas as in others.

Our advice is if you want to achieve a lasting result, minimise your pores and keep your skin softer, opt for epilation methods. And if you go for one of the different types of wax, you know where to find us 😉 What about you, what methods do you use?