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Salon Construction and Designing

We have over 20 years professional expertise and hands on experience with designing and constructing salons & spa, office spaces and beauty colleges across Pakistan. We have been serving the beauty industry for decades and are continuously in touch with all the major design trends in the industry across the world .

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Salon Designers products are top rated products in Pakistan since last two decades with best deals and discounts.

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With respect to the current needs, we are also providing with all the marketing solution to our cusomers from desiging the logo to complete branding,
influential marketing to advertisement and all digital marketing solutions from creating creatives to handling digital pages.
We come up with the creative solutions to keep the theatrics
on the go!

Salon Designers, Pakistan's Premier Supplier of Exquisite Salon Products

The top provider of salon supplies in Pakistan, Salon Designers, provides a variety of tools and accents to help you grow your company. They offer everything you need to give the ideal customer experience, from cutting-edge styling chairs to premium hair extensions. To improve the services offered by your salon, research the costs in well-known places like Lahore and Karachi.

Salon Equipment List Price in Pakistan

Leading manufacturer of top-notch salon supplies in Pakistan, Salon Designers provides a variety of items including styling chairs, barber stations, shampoo dispensers, and hair dryers. They place a high priority on pricing and offer a detailed price list on their website for convenient comparison. Their dedication to providing high-quality goods at reasonable costs improves consumer satisfaction and boosts sales. Whether you're building a brand-new beauty salon or remodeling an existing one, rely on Salon Designers for all your salon needs.

Salon Accessories in Lahore

The cultural center of Pakistan, Lahore, has a wide selection of salons and beauty shops that serve clients of all ages. Customers' experiences are improved by salon extras including hair clips, pins, cosmetics brushes, and sponges. LED vanity mirrors and cozy seats are examples of cutting-edge technology that guarantee faultless cosmetic application and provide a welcoming environment. Vases and candles, among other decorative things, help create a calm environment and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the salon.

Salon Equipment Suppliers

The success of every salon company depends on the availability of salon equipment providers. They interact closely with customers, develop specialized solutions, and deliver top-notch equipment. Reputable vendors utilize authentic goods, assure prompt shipping and installation, and offer top-notch customer service. The owner experience and long-term profitability of salons are enhanced by selecting the ideal supplier.

Beauty Parlour Equipment List with Price in Pakistan

Through the Beauty parlous Equipment List with Price in Pakistan, Pakistani proprietors of beauty salons may obtain high-quality equipment at reasonable costs. Barber chairs, hair dryers, styling chairs, and portable massage tables are all common products. With prices ranging from PKR 15,000 to PKR 30,000, they're a fantastic option for salon owners wishing to replace their outdated furnishings.

Salon Accessories Wholesale

Since Pakistan's beauty business is expanding quickly, picking the appropriate salon supplies and furnishings is essential. A wide range of premium goods are available from Salon Designers, including both standard items like chairs and mirrors and cutting-edge devices like facial steamers and hair dryers. Additionally, Lahore and Karachi's well-known vendors are mentioned. Wholesale salon accessories online are an affordable option, and online stores are practical. In order to establish enduring relationships with clients, Salon Designers believes in offering high-quality goods at competitive costs..

Salon Equipment Suppliers in Karachi

Leading salon Supply Company in Pakistan, Salon Designers provides a variety of equipment and accessories to support the expansion of your business. Along with modern equipment like face steamers and hair dryers, they also provide styling chairs, barber stations, shampoo dispensers, and hair dryers. They sell hair clips, pins, cosmetic brushes, and sponges, and are reachable in Lahore and Karachi. They offer genuine products, quick shipping and installation, and top-notch customer support. Popular goods with prices ranging from PKR 15,000 to PKR 30,000 are portable massage tables.
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